Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Colds

Hah! That got you, huh?

No typo here. Not only was the house 59 degrees this AM, but I have a cold as well. My week of vacation has thus developed slight bruises, but it’s not completely rotten.

In fact, we had a great Christmas in San Francisco. Visited the post impressionist exhibit at the de Young and a couple exhibits at the SFMOMA. Shopped for yarn, fabric and buttons. Finally found the buttons at Britex for my Noro sweater. Art Yarns is a fantastic new place on Sutter. Even The Artist had a good time!

I think the most impressionable thing was Christmas day. Although it rained, we were out tromping around Chinatown and North Beach. Grant Street and Stockton were full of life and extremely busy, (need a haircut on Christmas day?) whereas Broadway and Columbus were barely waking up. We did get to see the wild parrots swooping around on their way back to Telegraph Hill.
Stella in Chinatown
On our way back, we spotted a French Brasserie, Cafe de la Presse, at the corner of Grant across from the gate to Chinatown and had a late lunch. Jam packed. Wonderful food. Best latte I’ve ever had.

Day after Christmas was just packed with shoppers around Union Square. Even so, it was nice to get away to a big city for a holiday.

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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