Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I'm beginning to become a yarn junkie. Fortunately, I like to finish projects.

The one above is nearly finished. It just needs buttons, which I can't seem to find in town.

The red one above is knit in seed stitch on huge size 19 needles. I'm on the final sleeve. It was advertised as being able to be made in 8 hours. Ha! 88 hours is more like it. Well, 48 hours. But I've run into that type of project before. As long as I realize that it's not really 8 hours, it's OK. Besides, my little hands can't sustain knitting on size 19 needles for a straight 8 hours. The diameter of one needle is greater than the diameter of my thumb! I probably should have gotten wooden needles, not that it would have been any easier. Oh, well.