Friday, January 28, 2011

Exciting Day in the Life

Wednesday was an exciting day in my life. The Artist’s work appeared on the cover of a national magazine.


We had known that the owner of the dulcimer was writing an article for the magazine and she had notified The Artist that it would be in the Winter 2011 issue, but to have it appear on the cover (and the CD that accompanies each magazine) was a gigantic surprise and brought us both tremendous pleasure.

I give huge thanks to the author, a prominent banjo and dulcimer musician, Mary Z. Cox, for her very kind words and thoughtful insight into the true value of historical instruments. Mary maintains a great appreciation for instruments made in the traditional way and believes that musical instruments have real personalities and destinies of their own.  As The Artist said last night, “She really gets it!”

But… the day wasn’t over!

Wednesday evening was the annual Gail Rich Awards in our home town. The awards honor the abundance of creative artists—dancers, craftspeople, musicians, writers, artists, actors, entrepreneurs, teachers, clowns, exhibitors, purveyors—who make our town so culturally rich. This year, one of our good friends was honored. We had to attend and waited in line for a half hour before the awards began.

Rio Theatre

Of course, I took a copy of the just-received DPN magazine to show everyone we knew and some of those we didn’t! Turns out one of those we didn’t know formerly owned a well-known dulcimer shop in town. (People at shows still ask us if we knew the shop.) “Didn’t know that magazine was still in business,” he quipped. Well, it is and at volume 37, #1, it’s better than ever; in fact, I think it's the best one yet!.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Chandelier!

For Christmas this year, I gave The Artist a class in “Warm” Lighting at the local community college. I’ve taken so many great classes there: Exploring England (just before we visited), Quick Books, Intro to Photoshop, using PMC, just to name a few. I thought that he should also be exposed to more of the education that the place offers than just the degree in English that he received quite a few years ago.

The Artist started the class by catching the cold that I had. But, true to himself and his work habits, he went in with a plan, remained focused, and completed a new chandelier for the living room within the two intense weeks of 9-5 class.

Plasma welding and sand blasting glass were the two main crafts used in creating what is probably really called a drum pendant light, but to us is a medieval chandelier. We plan to swing across the room like Robin Hood (or Errol Flynn) on it. Or not.

New Chandelier-final hanging

I thoroughly expected The Artist to make something that would be a prototype for an art piece in his business, but noooo, he had to replace that disgusting, ugly, hideously bright chandelier that we had (and hated) with one that looks wonderful over our round dining room table and gives off soft, glowing light, with the same wattage and number of bulbs as the other.  I love this one.

New Chandelier-it works

He did enjoy the class and met lots of people. All is not lost on the art front. He’s now doing something in wood that’s along the same lines.

And moi? What am I up to? I have a few more designs just released on Spoonflower and am starting to knit a new jacket, as soon as I can get the gauge right.

Weather has been wonderful lately. Makes me want to make lists of things to do and vigorously check them off. The moon over the last several nights has been delicious, rising just as we sit down to dinner, and waning just as I wake up. Makes you forget about all the problems that exist in the world for a few minutes.