Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome Back!

Gosh, It's been so long since I did this that I can't remember how!

Just where have I been? Well, I got tired of doing that blog all the time. Who really cared what I had to say, anyhow? But, I'm back. The Artist decided that I needed a web site, so he created one for me: . That sort-of forced me to revive my blog.

So, between April 2009 and June 2010, I have done the following:

  1. Aged one year.

  2. Read about 20 books.

  3. Visited Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon over Christmas

  4. Finished painting the door in the office (two months ago - see January 29, 2009)

  5. Knit a sweater, the back of which is now being blocked.

  6. Knit half of another sweater which is currently in process

  7. Won a trip to Squaw Valley and visited there over Memorial Day weekend

  8. Had at least one tooth capped and broken another (like I said, I aged one year)

  9. Visited the Scottsdale Art Festival again with The Artist. (No prize this year.)

  10. Designed and sold fabric (hence, web site)

  11. Gave two talks with The Artist on "Creating a Booth for an Arts Fair" and "Creating an Artwork Display for Open Studios and Beyond", both of which were very well received.

  12. Have a gopher-proof raised bed garden and rock wall made from rocks that The Artist and I have collected through the years. Unfortunately, it's not cat-proof.

  13. Had a wonderful visit from a childhood friend who now lives in London.

  14. Gotten back in touch with a relative through the miracle of The Internet. (Well, it's not really a miracle.)

I've had a great year. Welcome back. Drop me a line.