Saturday, December 18, 2010

‘’Twas a Week Before Christmas…


… and I bought myself an embellisher.

So instead of showing what it looks like, I’m showing what it does.

Fuzz Ball

That’s black raw silk and gold paint with wool roving embellished on top. The machine has 12 needles with little hooks on the ends to push the wool fibers into the silk. It should be a lot of fun to work with. I look forward to combining my yarn scraps with my fabric scraps to make gorgeous new fabric.

I’m finishing up my Christmas cards, so it’s back to work.

By the way, thanks to all who voted for me. Flying Carpet was far from winning. I think you really have to be into social networking and your designs must be very literal, rather than imaginative and cerebral to win the Spoonflower contests, but it’s still fun.

And the Artist? He’s working on the pipe organ and just finished two autoharps.

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