Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's time for (CCSCC) Open Studios

The Artist at Work

This is the most exciting, exhausting and extravagant time of year for all artists in our small county. It's Open Studios time! The Artist is just one of many very good artists in our county who has been selected to participate in opening his studio to the public. In order to receive this opportunity to make a little cash (without the county requiring them to take out a special license), 300 artists were selected by application, after applying to the Cultural Council last April. It really is a very good deal for both the artists and the public.

The event is separated into the North County and South County weekends, with the third weekend designated as "encore" weekend where all studios are open. The Artist and I use the South County weekend to go on a sightseeing tour around the county and visit the most remote studios. I save up my money all year to spend at this event.

Today, The Artist and I visited (in this order) an oil painter, a glassblowing couple, the Artmaps creator, a double-sided ceramic bowl maker, a raku ceramicist, a lamp glass maker, a potter of garden pots, and a plein air oil painter. We had a great time, but we are exhausted. I am monetarily poorer for the experience, but richer in knowledge and spirit. I had always wanted to visit the glassblowers, especially because I received a piece of theirs at an auction last year.

This week will be a challenge getting ready for the North County. Clean the house, prune the garden, make everything look presentable. Most of this unfortunately falls on The Artist because I'm off to bed.