Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lemon Chutney

Lemon Chutney

I finished reading Laurie Colwin's book, More Home Cooking, last evening. While reading it, there were several times I just wanted to drop her a line and tell her how much I enjoy her books. I consider it one of the great injustices in life that she passed away before I even heard of her. We could have had great fun sharing recipes.

Anyway, one of her last recipes in that book was Lemon Chutney. Now, I love chutney. Cherry, pear, fig, peach. I've made them all. But never lemon. I just happened to have a tree full of lemons, plus about five left from when my friends were here from Arizona for Thanksgiving and brought the biggest, juiciest lemons I've ever seen. So instead of making lemon curd this weekend, I made Lemon Chutney.

Fortunately, I read the recipe on Saturday, because it's a two-day process. It calls for letting the pulp and chopped up rind sit with two tablespoons of salt. Next time I will use two teaspoons of salt and I think it will be tastier. However, with chutney, you never know. As The Artist said to me, "Just let it sit and do its chemical thing." (He graciously ran out to the store for me for apple cider vinegar in the middle of the process.) I usually make chutney in the summer and serve it for Thanksgiving and it's just the ticket for that Thanksgiving surprise. The jury is still out on this one, I'm disappointed to say.

Next weekend - Lemon Curd!

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