Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Yosemite

Yosemite Valley at Christmas

The Artist and I made a last minute decision to spend Christmas at Yosemite. A week before Christmas, we checked our favorite Victorian hotel, The Wawona, and rooms were available. We travel all over for his business, but rarely take a vacation, and never on the spur-of-the-moment. The Artist was hoping for his first white Christmas and Santa delivered.

It snowed on our way into the park, then let up and rained, wiping out most of the snow on the ground. But Christmas day, large, white flakes fell to earth all day long, closing roads, felling trees and keeping me by the fire knitting all day. The Artist thrilled at the snow, and I thrilled at the luxury of sitting and knitting.
Christmas storm - fun in the snow

Next day was Boxing Day. We took off for a hike in the snow. We had hiked the Meadow loop trail many times, both on foot and on our bikes, but never before in the snow. We were the first ones on the trail after breakfast. Six inches of snow came just about to the top of our hiking boots, our feet protected somewhat by jeans and yesterday's snow-covered prints. But with powder, not much of it stuck, or even got through our heavy socks into our boots. My biggest worry was the streams, including one we have to ford even in the summer. The Meadow Loop, on the edge of the forest, was incredible.

Looking out toward the meadow

Blazing a trail through the snow

The Artist on the trail

Next day, we left Wawona and traveled down to Yosemite Valley. From a winter wonderland, we gradually returned to civilization.

The Merced River from the stone bridge

Yosemite Falls

Near Bridal Veil Falls

But, it was time to leave. We'll never have a Christmas as beautiful and thrilling as our Christmas at Yosemite. You just can't expect to duplicate a wonderful time like this.

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