Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Paint an Office and Gallery

How to Paint an Office
  1. Buy a new love seat - this will force you to realize just how bad the walls and trim really look
  2. Pick a long weekend to paint - in this case, Martin Luther Day 3-day weekend
  3. Decide on the color based on the function of the room. This was easy. It will be an office and gallery showing The Artist's work. White reigns. It was white when we started, just 5 different shades of white.
  4. Remove all the furniture except the computer, desk and file cabinet. (Remove the computer? Can't do. Move the file cabinet? Impossible.)
  5. Make alternate plans to paint around the computer and file cabinet. Bring in the "fork lift", a thinly disguised hand truck, to raise an end of the file cabinet, place a wooden roller under it and roll it about a foot away from the wall. (The Artist is a genius.) Move the computer and desk away from the wall very carefully.
  6. Remove switchplates.
  7. Tape the windows and hardware.
  8. Ask The Artist to patch a few holes in the walls.
  9. Get out painting supplies.
  10. Go to the paint store. Get 2 tarps and paint.
  11. Tape the plastic tarps to the carpet and cover computer.
  12. Change clothes to painting clothes. Put on latex gloves.
  13. Open windows.
  14. Paint walls, ceiling and trim
  15. Return to paint store for more paint and a roller for the doors
  16. Let paint dry.
  17. Remove tape.
  18. Fold up tarps.
  19. Admire work. This is probably the most important step. At this point, you are exhausted and the only thing that helps is sleep.
  20. Admire work again in the morning. Tell yourself that you will never again paint a room yourself.
  21. Admire work one more time while it is still empty. Realize that the carpet has a huge dirt spot.
  22. Ask husband to shampoo carpet where computer used to be.
  23. Admire work again just before you start putting the furniture back. Thank your husband profusely for helping you and tell him that you never could have done it without him.
  24. Admire room yet again. It really looks nice. Say out loud that you could probably paint the big wall in the bedroom that beige color over Memorial Day weekend.

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