Friday, October 15, 2010

Days Lost. Where do I Find Them?

Well, I lost a few days, and I realize that as you get older, each day becomes more precious.

How could this happen? Well, I got a bad cold and spent one day in bed. Although I was able to finish two books, it disturbed my normal flow of Life. My head is still all fogged up, I breathe like a dragon (see those flames coming out my mouth? They are really cold germs.) and I'm generally confused. I actually left my knitting bag in either a meeting room or in someone's office. (Not yet found...)

Sick Room Accessories for a Fiber Artist
Books count as fiber.
So do tissues.

You see, it was The Artist's Open Studio, where he presents all his work to the public in our backyard (and my studio) in hopes they will purchase something. It was very nice, but I shook hands with lots of people. I also have that exercise class with lots of moms with small kids. The Artist wants to know why I only get sick at his shows. (This is, unfortunately, true.) The weather is changing. It just happens this time of year.

Anyway, there are things happening besides my cold:
But I just can't find those two days and can't figure out where to find them.

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