Sunday, July 6, 2008

Three Day Weekend

Mother of The Artist lives in a retirement home on the other side of town. Close, but not too close. Every year, the residence has a huge Fourth of July barbeque with entertainment and lots of red, white and blue. The Artist and I always attend. It's great fun, great music, great food. I usually bring a bundt cake, which disappears fast. (You need a cake like that at a picnic, I think.)This year I had a taste of lime jello salad, which I haven't had in years. The chile is outstanding. Cheeseburgers terrific. Hot dogs? Not for me, but The Artist and his mom love them.

Each year, we sit with different people. This year, I got to talking with Max, who was a machine gunner in World War II. (He showed me a photo taken next to his tank. What a good looking guy!) Found out that another resident at our table, Jim, and I came from the same neck of the woods, so we had a lot to talk about. Also spoke with Marie, 101 years old, who told me that if she knew she would be living there 17 years she would have bought new furniture when she came. (I'll have to remember that one.)

Great party, great day, great people. (Big thank you to The Artist for a stitched photo.)

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