Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Sur Fire

We live on the California coast at the northern end of Monterey Bay, actually north of the bay about a mile. On a clear day, if you walk the half block down to the end of our street and look across the bay, you can see what looks like a huge island. That is no island; it's the Monterey peninsula, the southern end of the bay, sticking out into the ocean. Beyond that is Big Sur, the beautiful, desolate, sparsely populated stretch of mountains and coast extending down the middle of California.

Above is a photo The Artist took this morning of the view across the bay. It's about 75 miles as the crow flies to that plume in the center of the picture. That is no volcano. It's a forest fire that has been raging for almost two weeks, since a lightening strike during a rare thunder storm. The fire is only 3% contained, reports say. It's been 3% contained for the life of the fire.

Big Sur was evacuated today. The entire town is deserted. Gone. Nature is hard on the residents of Big Sur. Whether it's earthquakes, storms or fire, It's a tough, but beautiful, place to live.

For more info on the origin of the fire and views of the storm that caused it, see June 21.

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