Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Green Leaves of Spring

Poison Oak Leaves in the Spring

I love to hike, but haven't walked much lately because I'm too, uh, tired. No, it's been too cold. No, let's face it. I've been just too lazy in the mornings. The best time is very early, about 7 AM.

One of the reasons we purchased our little house was because it was close to the ocean and the nearby State Park and The Artist and I felt it would be easy to take walks and exercise. Close to the ocean it is, and he is very good about walking, but I've really sloughed off lately. On one weekend trip we took together, we ran into the lovely green leaves of spring above. Poison Oak leaves are just gorgeous in shades of red and orange in the Fall, and disguise themselves as bare branches in the Winter. In all states they produce very toxic oils that can make your skin itch, so I hear. They are just so shiny and pretty!

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