Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great Springtime; Also,Tax Time

Life with an Artist isn't all about HIS work, although most of the time it is. Today, I did his work and he did mine. Sort of.

I'm a firm believer that an artist should always marry an accountant so that the artist can get his or her books and taxes done for free. I just can't imagine how creative artists could fill out five different sales and use tax forms from five different states or get all their business expenses together to produce financials and do it correctly on a timely basis. Creatively, I suppose, but it's not what they do best. It's what we accountants do best.

The artist used to ask me why I would thrust his bills at him saying, "What's this bill for?" "Where's that receipt?" He would explain or find it and whimper, "Don't you trust me?". "It's not that," I matter-of-factly counterexplained, "It's the IRS." "Well, then," he wanted to know, "couldn't you be nicer about it?"

What he didn't know, and I failed to appreciate is it's just the way we accountants talk with each other. "What's this?" "Where's that backup?" We don't have time to go into a lot of detail and we all speak the same business dialect. Once I recognized and explained that, the artist and I understoond both each other and the IRS better when it came to receipts and invoices and bills and taxes. So I'm still in charge of the books and he's in charge of the creativity.

I digress. Spring. Today, the artist did (what used to be) my work - the garden. Weeding, digging, spreading compost. Actually, he got the better deal, because it was a simply wonderful day - very hot and no fog. He did a great job, and got two gophers this week besides. I think he should tan the hides for banjos, but he doesn't.

Freesias from the Farmers' Market. Ahhh. Took a long walk over there today. We're so fortunate to be a half block from the ocean, about six from the FM and four from the knitting store.

Tomorrow will be my day in the sun, unless I decide to stay inside and do something else, like fiber art, since taxes are, well, done!

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Kathryn said...

This is great, I can just picture the accountant and the artist ... When I am all crisp and abrupt my husband says I am in 'work mode'