Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painting away

Life with an artist is exhausting when it's painting the new closet.

In the process of making a truly livable home out of our sometimes-livable house, we are in the final stages of making an office without a vanity and sink and making a guest bathroom with a sink. What a concept. A sink in the guest bath instead of the office. Our formerly-strange house had a "jack and jill" bath with entrances from two "bedrooms". What a very strange design was our newly remodeled house. How strange we must have been to purchase it like that. But, after all, it's half a block from the beach...sometimes you can put up with a lot of things when location, location, location is involved. But not forever.

How wonderful it is to have a rectangular room with bare walls. How wonderful it is to have a closet in the office. Which brings us to painting our wonderful closet. This weekend I painted our wonderful, new, 3x9 1/2 closet. Then we moved bookcases and stacks of books into it. The artist and I are exhausted. But we are very happy.

Now we can put more of his stringed instruments on the walls and we can put some of the artist's great drawings that I love so much into frames and hang them on bare walls. Bare walls. Oh, no. First we have to paint the office. Can it wait for a three day weekend?

By the way, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of my grandparents' marriage. They were not artists.

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