Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rain. Heavy Rain. In June. It’s Just Not Right.

Take my word. You Easterners don’t need a photo. Just remember, it’s not supposed to rain in California in the summertime. Oh, well. Every time it rains, I don’t have to water my garden, but I’m beginning to think Al Gore was right.

But on the bright side, last weekend I made Cherry Chutney. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to do it. Long weekend, cherries abundant. It will be ready for Thanksgiving. I saved the cherry pits, boiled up the juice and this weekend, am planning to make wool dyed with the cherry juice. My cotton straining cloth came out green, so I’m very anxious to see  what color the wool ends up.

After I tried weaving with it, I decided that the integrity of my earlier red onion skin wool was destroyed because the fibers were so weakened, and I have to make some more, heating it at a lower temperature. I asked for the sloughed off dried skins at the local grocery and I think they emptied the bin for me. I had to divide the reds and yellows, but that’s OK. Two big tubs!

The big show at the local museum is getting closer for the artist, and he’s finished the hanging light.
Light - 72
I love the angles in this. Note the little carved bee in the center of the flower. It's made of zebrawood, Kingwood, and lacewood. The hallway is the only place we have the height to hang the the light, but we can’t illuminate it because there is no outlet.

It’s a good weekend for soup. At the Farmers’ Market this AM, several farmers had a very worried look. Cherries will split if it rains, strawberries will mold. They thanked me for coming out. It’s more like February than June.

Last night was the anniversary event for my 20th year at my place of work. Amazing. I started with a one month temporary job there over 21 years ago. It’s been a good 20 years. Never boring, always interesting. My thanks to those who made it possible.

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