Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tieing up loose ends

It seems I have several loose ends to tie up. Knitting, sewing, life. (LIFE?)

Anyway. Remember all that crochet yarn my friend in NYC sent to me? I mailed some back east to my cousin (along with some pear butter I made) and she seemed to love it. Then, I gave a whole bunch to a friend who does inkle loom weaving. (A real expert in it - has been doing it for 30 years and has a loom for just about every year she's been weaving! Even her grown kids weave!) She really liked it. Said the black was perfect for guitar straps and the teal is a great color for her. (Check out her blog and Etsy Shops> and Blog>

OK. Now, on to my knitting loose ends. I've given up for a while working on my "New York Beret" on size 5 needles in white mohair. I think the needle size is just too small and my eyes just too dim. This is the second time I've put it away. (I know. My eyes don't get any better while it sits in a bag.)

So, I started the sleeveless shell in black cotton and "Splendora", as I call it. (It really has another name, as you can see in the photo.). Much larger needles - 8 and 9 - and since it's sleeveless, should knit up much faster. There's still that Blossom beckoning... Got a new book for it, but that grams to meters to yards thing has me stumped.

Lastly, my quilt. I've finished all the sewing and just need to take care of the thread loose ends and put on a quilt sleeve. Maybe I should design a label on Spoonflower. Although I'm not a quilter, it does look good, especially from afar. (No photos yet.)

Now, my loose ends in life. Finish my books (all 100 of them as yet unread...), make a will, pay off the house. What pie in the sky for today. How about something down to earth? How about go for a walk? Hey, it's 93 degrees! Why not? The knitting store is just the right distance for a nice walk in the sun.

Then, it's back to make avocado mini muffins for the Open Studios reception for The Artist for tomorrow. (Can't post this without a note on Life with The Artist, huh?) By the way, his student is back at "real" school and finished two instruments while at "independent study" school with The Artist. She said that her experience "far exceeded her expectations". That's my artist. What a guy!

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