Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Strange Day on the Central Coast

It was 76 degrees at 7 AM this morning inside the house. Hot again.

I had a class at the local Community College today, so I packed a lunch and off I went. A few high clouds in the distance over the bay were drifting in as I drove down Hiway 1, close to where last night's firestorm took place. High fog?

By the time we came out of our darkened, warm classroom for lunch, the clouds had turned into...thunderheads? Thunderheads in June? Well, it occasionally happens here in the summer, once every 10 years or so. I truly enjoyed sitting out in the heat eating my lunch and enjoying that California grassland smell that happens here only when it's very hot, but I ran down and shut up the windows on my car before going back to class. Later we heard thunder. Still later, lights went dark and monitors blacked out. Class dismissed. Humid outside. Smell of rain on pavement.

Back here at Woodcraft Central, a half block from the beach, The Artist had been drawn out of his studio by the thunder and was watching lightning on the bay down at the end of the street. Advisories of lightning strikes. Giant splats of rain. Temperature drop to pleasant. By this evening it was really nice. But it's still 76 inside the house.

Looks like we got the tail end of a storm meant to go further north. Very nice to experience increased humidity in the area and lower fire threat a tad. Definitely not a rainstorm, but big drops are just fine. Cooler outside this evening than it was at 7AM.

A temp of 76 is really not bad. My friend in Phoenix says this is the 10th day over 110 in a row. Her new air conditioner broke. It was 86 in her house. She was off to the airconditioned library this afternoon.
P.S. Turns out that about 14 fires were started in the mountains by the lightning, all quickly extinguished, but drawing firefighters off the Friday fire.
PPS. All photos for the last two days were taken at approximentely the same spot along the coast.

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